Content management system (CMS) is a collection of tools to easily allow our users to control the content of their web sites.

  • Users can easily add and edit content on their sites
  • Add new web pages and sub pages
  • Create menu and sub-menus
  • Non web designers can add and edit web content
  • Publish as ASP or HTML
  • Integrate site with CRM, product catalogs and other online data.
  • Create Newsletters and Portal pages
  • Membership systems and ecommerce web sites
  • User Login security

Users can publish their web pages dynamically from the admin panel. We can manage any type of CMS like Content Site, Enterprise Site, Employment Application, Service provider with Plan based Membership System, Online Product catalogs and/or full eCommerce Web Sites.

Best Features in our CMS :
  • SEO Friendly URL's and all meta tags
  • Automated Unlimited depth drop down JavaScript menu
  • 1 click HTML Generation
  • 1 click FTP upload
  • Quick and Dynamic Style Sheet Changes
  • Time Based expiration for membership & eCommerce tools.
Content Managment system Content Management System We help you create a pleasing Look & feel.

Flash header / footers : HTML Web design and Flash programming

Once a nice site wrapper is in place for site header and footer, then you can easily control the content of your web site.

Online CMS System use server programming capabilities to generate Static pages as dynamic. Our Content Management System (CMS) is providing easy website editing for our users. Features include: Automated dynamic menu, Dynamic newsletter engine, Image Gallery, Unique relevant content for each dynamic page, Content Template, and Multiple theme (style sheet) changes support.

Content Managment system Manage Site content dynamically.

Static website's are hard to edit - one has to download HTML page from the server, then modify its content and upload it back to the server. This means that every time you will need to update your static website you will have to contact website designer and pay him to perform changes.

Our content management solution provides a controller environment for website content editing. Users may create new pages, upload photos and update keywords. Page content is stored in a database for superior control.

Content Managment system

Content Managment system
Customer Contact Database:

We connect you web site to our complete CRM Customer management database.

This allows site owners to collect and store pertinent customer information directly from their website.

All contact data is stored in the CRM database for complete reference and lead automation.

We also deploy these pages as Google ads goal pages to track conversion on online ads. Google has policies related to ad credits when conversion goals are not met.

Integration of quotes, web inquiries and ad campaigns will improve your overall performance online.

We are experts at measuring web traffic to understand which online marketing campaigns produce results.

Admin Page Entry

Unlimited Menu Display
Dynamic Unlimited Depth Menu Support


This Autogenerated unlimited depth Javascript Menu has the configuration color style, that can also be changed from the admin panel.


Site owners can create and managed unlimited depth in web pages and menu options.

Our CMS tools allow site owners to take control of their sites, publish newsletters & integration with customer relations.

We can take you and your site to the next level of online marketing.
Content Backup and Restore Feature
Backup-Restore Feature

Complete version control for website backup and page renditions.

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